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I have the pleasure of being a tutor at the WI Cookery School, Denman College based at Marcham near Abingdon. I really enjoy the environment there and when working with the students on the course I get a real thrill from their questions, enthusiasm and the food they produce. Recently I taught my Pies, Pates and Terrines course. I designed the course initially as a one day course but this one has been stretched to

Sardinia – a brief encounter!

Posted by Paul Bellchambers on  September 28, 2014

The packing was left till the last-minute and then the small matter of the Italian air traffic control holding a four-hour strike. This meant we arrived at our destination around six in the evening,  losing the opportunity to explore our hotel and the surrounding area in the afternoon, however, we discovered more about the area later. The Cala Ginepro Hotel serves traditional Sardinian food with familiar ingredients. The fun part about the evening meal is
Wonderful food from around the world, all to be found at the recent Wallingford Food Festival! The festival celebrates all that is local from meat, cheeses, bread, vegetables, beers, ciders, coffee and much more. The best way to demonstrate what you can do with wonderful local produce is have great chefs demonstrate their passion for cooking with great ingredients and talents to inspire you try yourself! This years (2014) festival was a wonderful celebration of
@TheLateChef – lovely review of my pork scratchings! Visit 1855 in Oxford for great food, wine and relaxing setting. For more information check

Why I love being a chef……..

Posted by Paul Bellchambers on  October 7, 2013

This weekend I produced canapes and a three course meal for a client celebrating a significant birthday. Working with my wine expert partner, Alistair Cooper, the evening had everything. A tour around the world in the selection of the wines and a varied menu which I think also reflected the experience and range of the 10 guests also celebrating with the host. It was a fabulous experience for me, with the challenge of cooking in