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Cherry Clafoutis

Posted by Paul Bellchambers on  June 7, 2018

Cherry Clafoutis One of my favourite fruits, Cherries taste so fresh and remind me of the Mediterranean. I don’t know why they just do. Maybe its the slightly exotic flavour and the depth of flavour they have. They are in the shops and in the markets at the moment so try some and have a go at the recipe! This is a classic way to serve them and I love it hot or cold. If
Chicken in a Red Pepper Sauce Chicken in a Red Pepper Sauce A recipe from Madhur Jaffrey that I love to make and my clients also enjoy! It is a simple and delicious dish that relies on the combination of spices to create a subtle flavour. Increase the heat with more Cayenne Pepper. Leftovers can be frozen safely, just remember to defrost properly. Enjoy! If you would like more recipes, go to my website: The Late Chef –
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