Wonderful food from around the world, where?

Wonderful food from around the world, all to be found at the recent Wallingford Food Festival!

The festival celebrates all that is local from meat, cheeses, bread, vegetables, beers, ciders, coffee and much more. The best way to demonstrate what you can do with wonderful local produce is have great chefs demonstrate their passion for cooking with great ingredients and talents to inspire you try yourself!

This years (2014) festival was a wonderful celebration of food and drink all produced and available within 30 miles of Wallingford. The four annual festival welcomed over 55 producers and in two days nearly 5000 visitors. The weather was fabulous as was the atmosphere, boosted by the music from the Missing Persians and the Occasional Orchestra!

The chefs lined up to demonstrate how to take wonderful ingredients and through their individual alchemy talents create extraordinary dishes for the receptive and appreciative audiences. Food from Brazil, Japan, Italy, Germany and the UK. What a celebration of local food and international cooking styles.

Below is a selection of pictures from this years demonstrations – all suberbly managed and hosted by Jo Thoenes from BFBS Brize Norton.

Watch out for the dates for 2015 festival and details of what is going on at wallingfordfoodfestival.co.uk, sign up for the email newsletter. You can follow the festival on Twitter @wallingfoodfest plus Facebook at www.facebook.com/WallingfordFoodFestival .



Making it happen…….

Whilst I have a moment of peace in the midst of a number of important projects I am involved with I thought now was a time to reflect on 2013 so far. Its been a bit of a roller-coaster (trying to avoid the word “journey” – ooops!) ride.

The year started with an event for 80 people on the 5th of January. The events I have catered for since then have involved businesses and private events from 40th birthdays, to 80th birthdays and many more. It has been fun planning the menus, working with the clients and getting great feedback from all of these clients.

I have also embarked on a teaching career at the WI Cookery School, with a session coming up on the 30th August which I am looking forward to. Along with this the regular broadcasting slot on BBC Radio Oxford is still keeping me busy as well as the writing for HC/OX and Pick Magazines. This writing thing is a lovely challenge and one that I enjoy doing battle with.

My other major project – Wallingford Food Festival – had its third outing this year and was bigger and better again. Spread over two days it had good weather (again!), loyal and great sponsors, plus over 45 producers selling beers, wines, coffee, bread, cheese, chillies, oils, vinegars, Brazilian, Spanish, German, French, Italian food, meats, cakes, jams and so much more. Just proving that we have a lot to be thankful about here in Oxfordshire with the wide range of food and drink producers established in the county. I am looking forward to next years festival – for which the dates will be announced soon. Look out for the news on www.wallingfordfoodfestival.co.uk 

Wonderful Audiences!

Wonderful Audiences!


Great Demos!

Great Demos!


Great Food!

Great Food!

Alongside all of this I am working on two new projects which will hopefully keep me very busy for the rest of the year. The first  is a new website for local food and drink producers. I hope that we will see this go live in the next 3-4 months. The other project is a new wine bar opening in the Castle in central Oxford. I am proud to be asked to be involved in this and provide a large part of the menu that will be on offer with the fabulous wines selected by Alistair Cooper, my wine expert partner on the BBC radio spot. I will keep you posted on developments of both these projects and hopefully you will be able to participate in one or both of them yourselves!

On reflection, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year so far. I have been lucky with the people I have met and worked with. I have had some interesting obstacles thrown in the path of some of these projects but nothing has dented my enthusiasm in getting the job done. So to everyone who has been involved with me, helped me and supported me can I say thank you! To my clients and customers I would also like to say thank you because without your support I could not do what I do, and continue to enjoy doing it with a passion. Here is to the rest of 2013 and beyond!