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The idea of taking positive actions to reduce our impact on the environment and improve our world is an ideal that we can all aspire to, but almost never attempt. The Live LAGOM project enabled me to consider how I could make some real changes to my own home environment which would also have a positive impact on the wider environment.

My partner was also keen to see how the project would help. We looked at a number of areas and the key one is energy saving. We agreed that we should go LED wherever possible in the house. The second is storage and we have a couple of things that will help us achieve that – waste storage in the kitchen and a storage unit for the bedroom.

The house is over 80 years old and has the usual issues of an older property, smaller rooms, lacking in storage and so on. So when I collected all of the items from Ikea Wembley I realised that the process was at one level simple but at another, going to have some challenges. The reason for this is that we also started decorating a couple of rooms in the house. This seems a simple idea at the time but as always it has a knock on effect. The sitting room is a major project now and we have moved from new carpet to having a wooden floor. This is because we want to reorganise the living space in the room and part of that will involve Ikea modular wall/floor units for storage in the new room. More on this as we get towards completing the project.

Whilst all this is going on our bedroom is also being redecorated and hopefully will be finished soon. The process has meant all of the rooms have become storage areas for furniture, beds, chest of drawers, units of all shapes and sizes!

Once completed though the installation of LED bulbs and lighting units throughout the house will have a major impact and reduce the utility bills directly. The planned change to the sitting room will also improve how we use the space and make it more of a living room. This will be a major change for us! I am looking forward to showing the end results but that may take a few weeks. A photo of the sitting room as it stands now, mid-decorating, highlights the efforts and upheaval that any change project has but it will be worth it and the results will be fantastic!

So joining Live LAGOM has had an impact in that we have re-thought how we use the living room and it will make us review the rest of the space we have in the house. A significant change I think!

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