Last week I mostly cooked………

Its been a very busy time and my cooking last week started with four tiers for a wedding cake.

However, not a cake but a pork pie cake. Making four tiers or four large pork pies that were to be stacked and presented as part of a wedding celebration was I must admit a bit of a novelty to me but having looked on the web and found a number of butchers etc, who not only make the pork pies but also provide the full service of stacking and dressing the pies, opened my eyes to a new area of catering. I understand large rounds of  cheeses are also used in a similar way.

It seems odd to call it a cake but I suppose it sometimes replaces the traditional wedding cake or it is an addition to the menu at the larger reception that follows the meal after a wedding these days. In many ways it is a great way of celebrating a traditional dish as part of a traditional ceremony in a modern age. It may also hark back to the day when expensive food was not an option and when the more traditional home made recipes held a valued part of our diets and lives.

I enjoyed the process of making the pies. The mix of the meat used a number of cuts:- diced shoulder, minced shoulder, diced belly, hock and streaky bacon. Mixed together with spices and herbs to create a wonderful flavour and marrying well with the meat.

20130408-075508 AM.jpg

This picture shows the inspiration of making the pork pies had on me! I made 3 larger pork pies and 10 individual pork pies for the markets I was at, East Oxford Farmers Market on Saturday and Wolvercote Farmers Market on Sunday. I also made a Chicken and Ham Hock raised pie. I sold out, fabulous! It tells me that there is  an interest in traditional recipes made with local produce. Thanks to all those who bought a piece of my pies.

I am expecting a photo from my client of the pork pies dressed for the wedding. When I get it I will write more about it and put the photo on the blog. My client was happy with the pies as there was over 8KG of pork pie and all of it was eaten on the night!

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