A day in the city.

Today was fun! I had a stall at the pop-up market in Broad Street, Oxford.  This was an event organised on the back of the Oxford Climate Forum conference that happened the previous two days.

When asked if I would like to be involved a couple of weeks ago the weather forecast was for rain! Well as it turned out the day was cold, windy and clear blue sky until around 2.30pm. At that point the sky became black and laden with rain and did it rain…….

Somewhere over the rainbow....

Somewhere over the rainbow….

I spent most of Saturday cooking for the market and it was a good day with a great opportunity to introduce The Late Chef to a new set of potential clients.

The location in the centre of Oxford is wonderful with a great feeling of being a part of the city that has history and character.

Samba band to accompany the sales!

Samba band to accompany the sales!

The day was a fabulous way to spend a bit of time in Oxford and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and to see some of my regulars from the Wolvercote and East Oxford markets.

These days are a great way of meeting customers and getting feedback on the products and on how I am doing. I have some new customers from today and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

If you haven’t been to a market recently you should. I suspect the market you last went to is now very different in terms of the range of produce available and quality of the products. Check out where your nearest local market is and go and see what is going on. You know it makes sense.

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