Developing the business further….

Well it has been a busy week! Market is going well and the last two weekends have been good for generating interest for Christmas. I have orders for Christmas puddings and a possible dinner on Boxing day. Hopefully more inquiries will come through the market.

I delivered canapes for an event in Goring on Saturday. It was a good opportunity to reach more potential customers in the area. I also had a lead through an internet directory which I hope will become a firm event, dinner for 10 celebrating a 65th birthday.

With all of this going on and a few leads for events in December I am looking at how I can develop the business further. I stopped by a couple of village shops yesterday and I have got the opportunity to put some product on the shelves this week. Great stuff! It will be interesting to see how the food goes in a different environment to the stall at the market. Both shops are in very different villages so it will also be interesting to see which of the food products go best. I am planning on quiches, apple tarts, some meat dishes for one shop and quiches, apple tarts and other snacks for the other.  So fingers crossed these two opportunities will spread the word further.

I have a couple of other opportunities developing, one is not at a stage I can talk about yet. It will show how local business and public sector can work together successfully . The other project is in early discussions as well but could be really exciting if it happens.

I am also presenting at the next PRIME Starting your business events in Birmingham on the 28th October at the Central Library in Chamberlain Square. Check this link

If you are thinking of starting a business these events are really good – but then I would say that wouldn’t I.

So lots of things going on and they all have the potential to positively impact the business. This is bring the last quarter of the year to an exciting conclusion and I am also looking forward to 2011 with great anticipation! Bring it on!

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