Press coverage and other ways to promote what you do

Having worked in large corporate environments, marketing to both external and internal audiences, and now for my fledgling business,  I would argue that the same basic principles apply in the small business world as well. Press coverage is tricky and can backfire if you aren’t careful, however, in my experience I have be fortunate to generate more interest and real business through press and media coverage than through any paid advertising.

Examples of this are the profile that Maggie Hartford of the Oxford Times wrote, .

Plus the articles on Pork Pies!

Plus the radio interview on BBC Radio Oxford on Jo Thoenis Afternoon Show earlier this year, which was a lot of fun to do! I was on the show again recently to promote the birthday celebrations for the local market I sell my product at.

Recently, I have made a big effort with the social media thing to start building an online presence which will expand the awareness and potential business opportunities for me. I continue to concentrate on the market and doing local events which will get my product in front of as many people as possible.

There are other ways apart from press, social media etc,  to extend the reach of the business. One example is getting involved with other organisations such as the local district council and business support organisations like the Federation of Small Businesses, BusinessLink and others like the PRIME Initiative.

The PRIME Initiative is a charity set up HRH Prince Charles to help over 50s set up/start and grow their businesses. I first came across the organisation on the web when I was looking at starting The Late Chef. I read through articles and guides on their website which helped me with planning and how to go about getting started.

I have been invited to present the story of The Late Chef at a PRIME event at the British Library on the 30th September. I am extremely excited about this as I hope I can explain my experiences and the benefits I have found being self-employed.

I also hope that this opportunity to promote the business will allow me to reach a wider audience and generate some new business opportunities.

Will let you know how it goes.

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