A day off!

Well I had a day off yesterday. I was invited by a good friend to go to Silverstone and spend the day watching the final Le Mans Series race. 1000 kilometres of racing. Teams included Nigel Mansell and his two sons, Jean Alesi and a number of ex-F1 drivers. The weather was dry and sunny but as per normal a cold wind swept the whole of the circuit.

We arrived and had a much needed hot breakfast. Enjoyed eating this whilst watching the LMS cars tear past with great speed and huge noise! The paddock was open and we wondered through there looking at the cars used to transport their occupants to the track. TVR Tuscan, Mustang, Porsche, Audi, Noble, and many more.

The LMS race started at 12 ish but before then I was lucky (!!!) to get a hot lap in an Audi R8 V10 round the new Silverstone circuit. Boy!!! What and experience! 580 BHP ridiculous acceleration and the ability to pass the other cars on track, apart from the other R8s.

Audi Hot Lap event at Silverstone LMS meeting

The lap was amazing! Thanks to Peter and Audi for a great day out. It was a real treat to get away and do something like this. Now to sort out all the other pictures I took!! Ugh!

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