The First 8 Months have been fun!

I have been a bit remiss in the blogging world. I had hoped to do more but the challenge of starting up a new business has been greater that I expected and no less fun for that! I have now had time to come up for air and organise myself a bit better I hope.

The last 8 months have been a whirlwind of markets, events and catering for small parties. They have all had their issues but the end result has been generally successful. I have become more involved with the Wallingford Local Producers Market, which is held every Saturday in Wallingford. I have created a new website for the market and I have put together a 3rd birthday celebration which is on the 18th September at the Regal Centre in Wallingford. I have co-ordinated the marketing including a booklet of recipes to sell on the day and I have secured Angie Best to open the market!

So far all progressing well although I have not had much feedback from the various press/tv and radio that I sent the press release to. I hope that my efforts get the relevant level of response from them!

Working on updating my Social Media efforts following a session on social media yesterday at an event in Reading (Keeping Business Local). It inspired me to review my Twitter/Linkedin and blog status. Hence the start of the blog!

Will spend a regular amount of time each week on the blog with current issues or recipes or kitchen or cooking or other related topics.

Look forward to your comments!

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